Pic Combo Level 5 Answers

By | April 13, 2013

puzzle 106 – 150 cheats : pic combo level 5 answers
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Search the word of your 2 pictures for 2 different words into 1 correct answer in these number of solutions, combine them to pass the puzzle images question

walkthrough for picture list :
pic combo level 5 6 letters
Pigpen : pig and pen
Cancan : yellow can and can on ground
Seesaw : sea beach and saw machine
Pantry : frying pan and tree
Bedpan : 2 teddy bear doll on bed and frying pan
Upload : up down lift button and boxes loading vehicle
Teacup : tea and woman washing her face


pic combo level 5 7 letters
Mandate : Man in suit and date with red pin
Seaweed : glasses and woman gardening
Fireman : fire and man with abs
Endgame : calendar with 31st marked and scrabble game
Feedbag : couple with baby and red handbag
Mankind : man thinking and girl taking care of old woman
Carjack : car and jack card
Haircut : man with brown hair and various cutting guide
Nuclear : new shirt with price tag and water
Peacock : peas and chicken
Canteen : trash can and woman giving thumbs up
Tearful : man tearing paper and full luggage


pic combo level 5 8 letters
Seashell : sea and cracked egg shell
Cakewalk : bread and two people walking
Dogfight : dog and couple shouting
Breadbox : bread and kid inside cardboard box
Downfall : black feathers and man carrying a woman
Darkness : dark and snake
Headache : bald head and back pain
Raindrop : rain and water drop
Overturn : dog jumping and turn sign board
Restrain : girl sleeping on bed and man holding umbrella
Beanpole : beans on spoon and electric pole
Showgirl : man & woman wearing safety helmets and a girl with red purse
Fearsome : woman shouting and piece of cake
Homebrew : house icon and a glass of beer


pic combo level 5 9 letters
Snowflake : man and woman playing snow ball and cornflakes
Breakdown : breaking door and graph arrow pointing down
Frostbite : frost plant and girl biting apple
Barndance : red house and dance
Carthorse : wooden cart and horse
Freelance : open cage and spear weapons
Flowchart : water flowing into sink and man showing a pie chart
Steamboat : steaming kettle and ship


pic combo level 5 10 letters
Battleship : man with sword and ship
Streamline : water stream and heart beat monitor line
Ringleader : 2 rings and people with one holding a red sign
Kickboxing : kicking and two men boxing

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