Pic Combo Level 4 Answers

By | April 3, 2013

puzzle 60 – 105 walkthrough : pic combo level 4 answers
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Search the word of your 2 pictures for 2 different words into 1 correct answer in these number of cheats, combine them to pass the puzzle images question

tips for picture list :
pic combo level 4 6 letters
Bedbug : bed and blue bug
Campus : camp tent and cat
Bedlam : couple in bed and lamb meat
Boxcar : boxing gloves and car
Police : man jumping using pole and 3 ice block


pic combo level 4 7 letters
Storage : shopping trolley and old woman
Cowhand : cow and hand
Manhole : man in suit and golf hole
Carport : car and port
Barbell : prison hand behind prison bars and 223 bell
Soapbox : soap and dragon boxing
Artwork : child drawing and office meeting


pic combo level 4 8 letters
Bathrobe : bath tub and king robe
Footpath : ruler and road on green field
Teaspoon : tea pot and spoon with sugar
Landfall : eagle on snow and man fall
Rockstar : woman with guitar and red star
Plankton : wood planks and 1 ton
Watchdog : hand watch and dog footsteps
Handbook : hand and red book
Feedback : baby feeding and man back
Showcase : concert show and red suitcase


pic combo level 4 9 letters
Strongbox : body builder with weight and box
Raincheck : water drops and check
Dartboard : dart and board
Coastline : sea coast and 3d man line
Truckstop : truck and woman hand stop pose
Riverbank : river and coins in sack
Heartache : red heart and back pain
Hairbrush : woman with long air and toothbrush
Cardboard : man holding card and wooden board
Stopwatch : stop sign and woman watch
Bandwidth : band and man with measuring tape
Newspaper : tv news and papers
Piggybank : pigs and safe
Gatehouse : boy watching plane and house magnifying glass


pic combo level 4 10 letters
Skyscraper : sky and scraping snow
Brainstorm : brain and red umbrella
Homeschool : house key and children writing
Motherhood : mother with daughter and black hood
Campground : family camp and coffee beans


pic combo level 4 11 letters
Firecracker : gun and biscuit
Candlestick : candle and stick


pic combo level 4 12 letters
Breakthrough : woman breaking a cigarette and tunnel
Pictureframe : sun drawing with crayons and round frame
Steeplechase : tower and woman chasing a man

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