Pic Combo Level 7 Answers

By | April 14, 2013

puzzle 193 – 229 solution : pic combo level 7 answers
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Search the word of your 2 pictures for 2 different words into 1 correct answer in these number of cheats, combine them to pass the puzzle images question

walkthrough for picture list :

pic combo level 7 6 letters
Teapot : golf ball on tee and baby cooking vegetables with pot
Tophat : snow mountain and hat with suit
Jigsaw : 3 girls dancing and saw
Manage : man in suit and old couple
German : microscope with germs and man with six packs


pic combo level 7 7 letters
Topcoat : man on top of mountain and suit
Careful : old woman taken care by nurse and glass full of water
Gearbox : gears and red gift box
Playpen : play button and pen
Panties : old woman with frying pan in her hand and ties
Carwash : car and hand wash
Baroque : gold bar and man playing guitar
Breakup : breaking wall with punch and graph growing up
Cabinet : cabin and net


pic combo level 7 8 letters
Wormhole : worm reading book and drill tool with hole in wooden board
Eyepiece : eye and red piece of a puzzle
Signpost : writing and mail box
Headgear : head massage and 3 gears
Pleasant : boy kissing his mother and ant lifting stick
Shoelace : girl kissing shoe and lace
Firewall : fire alarm and wall
Shoptalk : shopping bags and woman talking in phone
Keystone : keyboard and stone


pic combo level 7 9 letters
Hollywood : berries and wood
Beachcomb : beach and comb
Butterfly : bread with butter and man flying
Scrapheap : car crash and paper pieces
Safehouse : safe and house
Wristband : wrist and band


pic combo level 7 10 letters
Chatterbox : social media bubble and red toolbox
Sweetheart : cat & dog and green heart tree
Wristwatch : doctor checking wrist for pulse and a boy watching tv


pic combo level 7 11 letters
Steamroller : smoke from ship and dough roller
Catchphrase : fish net and know the rules word
Painstaking : back pain and stabbing wood stake to vampire
Imagination : woman in black dress thinking and flags nation


pic combo level 7 12 letters
Rockclimbing : guitar and people climbing mountain

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