Pic Combo Level 6 Answers

By | April 13, 2013

puzzle 151 – 192 walkthrough : pic combo level 6 answers
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Search the word of your 2 pictures for 2 different words into 1 correct answer in these number of solutions, combine them to pass the puzzle images question

cheats for picture list :
pic combo level 6 5 letters
Cargo : red car and green traffic light walk sign


pic combo level 6 6 letters
Cowbo : cow eating flower and boy raising his hand
Cancel : can and cell
Catnap : black cat paw and man sleeping


pic combo level 6 7 letters
Outback : exit sign and back pain
Catcall : cat and shadow on wall of person announcing
Delight : D letter on purple cube and light bulbs
Cartoon : wooden cart and baby with sunglass
Eyeline : eye and people standing in line carrying briefcase with one person raising hand
Earache : ear and woman with headache
Firearm : fire inside oven and arm carrying a tray
Marquee : doctor examining a dot on back and key on door
Doorway : door and roadway line
Warship : army men with guns and ship
Sealion : sea and lion


pic combo level 6 8 letters
Bookworm : book and worm
Suitcase : suit and man with briefcase
Showdown : finger pointing to a paper and down graph in red chart
Necklace : woman with hand on her neck and black lace
Wormwood : worm and forest tree
Landmass : helicopter landing and pastor in church
Seatbelt : red chair and black karate belt
Homework : family and house line and man with computer and arrows
Barnyard : barn with hay and grass cutting machine
Database : pencil with note paper and guitar


pic combo level 6 9 letters
cablegram : cable / wire and gram weight
Keystroke : lock & Key and a hand on horse head
Precision : arrow & dart board and atoms ion
Peacetime : moving a red puzzle piece and clock
Heartfelt : red heart shaped tree and black & grey cloth
Bathhouse : bathroom and house with tree
Cartwheel : cart and car tire / wheel
Toothache : golden tooth and woman with neck pain
Birdbrain : bird flying and brain
Raindance : man with glasses holding umbrella and man dancing


pic combo level 6 10 letters
Watchtower : pocket watch and pisa tower
Motherland : mother with baby and airplane landing
Rainforest : man crying in rain and man in forest
Housebound : house and man bounded with rope


pic combo level 6 11 letters
Sleepwalker : mushroom sleeping and a person walking
Freezeframe : cleaning snow with brush and picture frame

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