Guess The Emoji Movies Level 3 Answers

By | April 25, 2014

Solutions for Guess The Emoji Movies Level 3 Answers to help you guess what’s the movie name of emoji pop combination from the emoji picture if you stuck with the emoji movie puzzles on this app game.
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Guess The Emoji Movies Level 3
level 3-1 : emoji red button, vs, blue button, pill = the matrix
level 3-2 : emoji octopus and cat = octopussy
level 3-3 : emoji pin and boy = hellraiser
level 3-4 : emoji italy, car, money sack = italian job
level 3-5 : emoji note, france flag, sad, happy = les miserables


level 3-6 : emoji fist and club = fight club
level 3-7 : emoji pineapple, train = pineapple express
level 3-8 : emoji star and track = star trek
level 3-9 : emoji princess, shoe, clock, pumpkin = cinderella
level 3-10: emoji boy, ring, dragon, mountain = the hobbit

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