Guess The Emoji Movies Level 2 Answers

By | April 25, 2014

Cheats for Guess The Emoji Movies Level 2 Answers to help you guess what’s the movie name of emoji pop combination from the emoji picture if you stuck with the emoji movie puzzles on this app game.
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Guess The Emoji Movies Level 2
level 2-1 : emoji bee, movie clapper = bee movie
level 2-2 : emoji X, man, man, man = x men
level 2-3 : emoji house, scared, christmas tree, boy = home alone
level 2-4 : emoji tiger and crown = the lion king
level 2-5 : emoji 8 and camera = super 8


level 2-6 : emoji iron and man = iron man
level 2-7 : emoji magnifying glass and fish = finding nemo
level 2-8 : emoji mountain, mountain, eyes = hills have eyes
level 2-9 : emoji man, right arrow, granny = mrs doubtfire
level 2-10: emoji bride, knife, skull, money = kill bill

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