Famous Faces Hollywood Edition Level 121 – 140 Answers

By | March 9, 2015

Cheat for Famous Faces Hollywood Edition Level 121 – 140 Answers with picture solution for every question explanation to choose the correct answer from the Multiple-Choice Movie Star Mania. You can see all Hollywood’s most Famous Faces character from the movies in cartoon shape with missing faces, read the puzzle question and pick the correct answers !
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famous faces hollywood edition answers
Level 121 : 1999 ben affleck in dogma
Level 122 : DUSTIN HOFFMAN in tootsie
Level 123 : 1982 harrison ford in blade runner
Level 124 : IDRIS ELBA in pacific rim
Level 125 : 2000 david spade in the emperor’s new groove

Level 126 : JOSH BROLIN in the goonies
Level 127 : 1994 jim carrey in the mask
Level 128 : JENNIFER LAWRENCE in x-men first class
Level 129 : robert de niro in TAXI DRIVER
Level 130 : BILLY BOB THORNTON in friday night lights


Level 131 : heath ledger was in brokeback mountain and THE FOUR FEATHERS
Level 132 : sacha baron choen in DA ALI G SHOW
Level 133 : ROBIN WILLIAMS in mr. doubtfire
Level 134 : adam sandler was in the wedding singer with DREW BARRYMORE
Level 135 : chuck norris in WALKER, TEXAS RANGER

Level 136 : BRAD PITT in inglourious basterds
Level 137 : patrick stewart was in conspiracy theory with MEL GIBSON
Level 138 : KARL URBAN in dredd
Level 139 : SANDRA BULLOCK in gravity
Level 140 : JOAQUIN PHOENIX in walk the line

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Multiple-Choice Movie Star Mania – Can you Guess who I Am? Can you recognize the most Famous Faces in Hollywood? If you love movies, you’re gonna love this game! Download Famous Faces and see if you can guess the most famous from the Hollywood Walk of Fame!
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