Famous Faces Hollywood Edition Level 61 – 80 Answers

By | March 4, 2015

Guide for Famous Faces Hollywood Edition Level 61 – 80 Answers with picture solution for every question explanation to choose the correct answer from the Multiple-Choice Movie Star Mania. You can see all Hollywood’s most Famous Faces character from the movies in cartoon shape with missing faces, read the puzzle question and pick the correct answers !
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Level 61 : ed harris in THE TRUMAN SHOW
Level 62 : EDWARD NORTON in death to smoochy
Level 63 : HUGO WEAVING in v for vendetta
Level 64 : AMY ADAMS in enchanted
Level 65 : ian mckellen in THE GOLDEN COMPASS

Level 66 : LAURENCE FISHBURNE in the matrix
Level 67 : RON PERLMAN in sons of anarchy
Level 68 : REESE WITHERSPOON in legally blonde
Level 69 : CHRISTIAN BALE in american psycho
Level 70 : 1997 leonardo dicaprio in titanic


Level 71 : elijah wood was in sin city and FLIPPER
Level 72 : shia labeouf in HOLES
Level 73 : JENNIFER GARNER in alias
Level 74 : VIN DIESEL in the iron giant
Level 75 : TYLER PERRY in diary of a mad black woman

Level 76 : SIGOURNEY WEAVER in ghostbusters
Level 77 : rob schneider was in deuce bigalow: male gigolo and THE ANIMAL
Level 78 : 1991 robin williams in hook
Level 79 : CUBA GOODING JR. in jerry maguire
Level 80 : JOHN TRAVOLTA in battlefield earth

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Multiple-Choice Movie Star Mania – Can you Guess who I Am? Can you recognize the most Famous Faces in Hollywood? If you love movies, you’re gonna love this game! Download Famous Faces and see if you can guess the most famous from the Hollywood Walk of Fame!
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