Famous Faces Hollywood Edition Level 101 – 120 Answers

By | March 9, 2015

Cheats for Famous Faces Hollywood Edition Level 101 – 120 Answers with picture solution for every question explanation to choose the correct answer from the Multiple-Choice Movie Star Mania. You can see all Hollywood’s most Famous Faces character from the movies in cartoon shape with missing faces, read the puzzle question and pick the correct answers !
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famous faces hollywood edition answers
Level 101 : tim allen in HOME IMPROVEMENT
Level 102 : JACK NICHOLSON in the shining
Level 103 : jamie foxx was in django unchained with CHRISTOPH WALTZ
Level 104 : robert de niro in THE UNTOUCHABLES
Level 105 : ANTHONY HOPKINS in the silence of the lambs

Level 106 : elijah wood in WILFRED
Level 107 : melissa mccarthy in THE GILMORE GIRLS
Level 108 : WILL FERRELL in old school
Level 109 : MACAULAY CULKIN in richie rich
Level 110 : sam neill in EVENT HORIZON


Level 111 : tobey maguire was in the great gatsby with LEONARDO DICAPRIO
Level 112 : JOAQUIN PHOENIX in her
Level 113 : CHARLIE SHEEN in platoon
Level 114 : JAMIE FOXX in the amazing spider-man 2
Level 115 : antonio banderas in DESPERADO

Level 116 : tommy lee jones was in men in black with WILL SMITH
Level 117 : JACK BLACK in king kong
Level 118 : JULIA ROBERTS in mirror mirror
Level 119 : 2012 channing tatum in magic mike
Level 120 : NOOMI RAPACE in the girl with the dragon tattoo

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Multiple-Choice Movie Star Mania – Can you Guess who I Am? Can you recognize the most Famous Faces in Hollywood? If you love movies, you’re gonna love this game! Download Famous Faces and see if you can guess the most famous from the Hollywood Walk of Fame!
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