Words Crush Hidden Themes Human Body Answers

By | May 18, 2016

Words Crush Hidden Themes Human Body Answers Cheats Solutions of Learner 3×3 size block to help you solve and find themed words in the right order ! Every puzzle has a specific theme that all the words are related to. Just swipe to crush words. If you crush the wrong word first, then you won’t be able to solve the next word. So you must crush the words in order and use the right block in a different position. Collect the tropies to play fun and challenging hidden themes.
Game Answer for Words Crush: Hidden Themes! by BitMango on android (google play) and iphone (itunes)

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Words Crush Hidden Themes Human Body Answers
human body level 1 : NOSE – LIPS
human body level 2 : FACE – BACK
human body level 3 : CHIN – EARS
human body level 4 : LEGS – ARMS
human body level 5 : SHOULDER

step by step how to solve word crush hidden themes human body solution :

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Words Crush: Hidden Themes! is a very fun and exciting word puzzle game, it makes you keep playing for FREE! Collect more stars to unlock hidden theme and earn a greater completion reward ! On the hidden themes there are some various gameplay, like blank clue : where you must find the words for the blank. Up : in this theme, the blocks will move up, not fall down. Fixed : fixed letters never fall down nor can they be removed, and many others 🙂
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