Logic Puzzles Daily Challenge July 2 2023, Build a Scarecrow Day

By | July 1, 2023

Today Logic Puzzles Daily Challenge July 2 2023, Build a Scarecrow Day ! Scarecrows are a great help for people who need to scare off the birds who feast on their home-grown harvests. Some farmers decided to give their scarecrows a makeover and pick out some new clothes for them. Find out what kind of hat and shirt they each chose. Welcome to Daily Challenges ! Complete daily challenges every day and win gold stars ! Collect all stars for a given month and win a unique monthly trophy ! Here’s the answer for today logic puzzles daily challenge :
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Logic Puzzles Daily Challenge Clues :
1. Liam picked a yellow shirt for his scarecrow
2. Matthew dressed his scarecrow in an orange shirt, but not a cowboy hat
3. The blue shirt was chosen for the scarecrow with neither the cowboy nor straw hat
4. Noah went for a floppy hat for his scarecrow. Noah also chose either a green or yellow shirt
5. The scarecrow with a cowboy hat was dressed in either a green or yellow shirt

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A puzzle is solved by making conclusions based on clues. Use the clues to put your tick in the table ! The clue helps us rule out incorrect options. Switch the toggle and place two crosses ! Place the correct ticks, and finish the puzzle ! Now continue to logic puzzles daily challenge july 1 2023