Icon Pop Brain Answers

By | May 22, 2015

Game Cheats for Icon Pop Brain Answers Solutions guide to help you decode the letters grid and slide over to find the hidden titles / names of tv and movies, character, famous people ! Hundreds of challenging word puzzle from pop culture categories, and if you stuck because the puzzle is not that easy.. don’t worry, a hint is only one tap away! You can read all the answers by choosing the word category here.
Icon Pop Brain By Alegrium available on iphone (itunes) and android (google play)

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Solve hundreds of challenging word puzzles from three different Pop Culture categories :
icon pop brain tv & movies answers
icon pop brain characters answers
icon pop brain famous people answers

More categories coming soon.


Let’s play icon pop brain ! Find hidden name / title in a grid puzzle.
Swipe the tile to arrange letters ! Find a string of letters related to a name / title, swipe and hold around the screen to build the word. You can swipe up, down, left, right and diagonally!

Find specific title / name ! You need to find the right order to solve the puzzle. The length of the name / title is shown in the box below the puzzle board.

Arrangement is crucial ! The order to solve the puzzle can be slightly different in each level. If you end up in a state where you can’t get further, tap on the restart button!

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Need some help ? If you can’t figure out the answer, you can always tap on the hint button to reveal one letter! and if you need opinion, you can always ask your friend to help you solve the puzzle. Have fun!