Escape Room Level 211 212 213 214 215 216 217 218 219 220 Answers

By | November 16, 2018

Cheats for Escape Room Level 211 212 213 214 215 216 217 218 219 220 Answers – locked in a strange room, escape by any means ! find items, solve puzzles, riddle, open locks, think, train your brain, guess, inference, open the door until you escape!
Escape Room: Mystery Word by Worzzle Team / Zhou Jiaping available on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android devices.

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escape room word level 211 : NITROGEN
hint : N n with hands and legs? It is a chemical element

escape room word level 212 : DOOR
hint : which object is illogical in this room?

escape room word level 213 : ROCKY
hint : boxer picture? this is a wonderful movie

escape room word level 214 : RECYCLE
hint : you can often see it on the trash bin

escape room word level 215 : TIMETABLE
hint : what kind of table has no legs?

escape room word level 216 : SUITCASE
hint : pink tuxedo suit inside box

escape room word level 217 : BABYSIT
hint : baby picture

escape room word level 218 : LANGUAGE
spanish chinese english books

escape room word level 219 : MATH
hint : 2X5=? 3+6=? 5-3=? it is a course

escape room word level 220 : POLE
hint : tina said that you can never go south all the time, why?

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Are you ready for the thrilling experience with lots of drama and adventures? These are the solutions for ios iphone app, so if you’re using other device then you might find the level differently 🙂 but don’t worry, we have the hint clue included so you can search it easily ! Return to all levels of Escape Room Mystery Word Answers list