Daily Jumble October 12 2018 Answer UNADAGLYBRE

By | October 12, 2018

Challenge for Daily Jumble October 12 2018 Answer to solve the scramble words of CNUHH, ARRDA, GLIYUT, BONKER, UNADAGLYBRE with word solver for classic daily word scramble game that delivers brain teasing fun.
Daily Jumble 10-12-18 THAT CLASSIC scrambled word game delivers new brain-teasing fun. How fast can you solve it?

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Un-jumble the 4 words into the correct words. The circled letters in each of these answers become the jumbled letters to answer the games cartoon clue. Click on the cartoon for a larger image and solve the question clue!

Daily Jumble Oct 12 2018 answers : scrambled words – solutions

Remember that you need to beat the time if you want get a high score, here’s the scoring rules :
Each letter in an answer has a value of 10 points.
When you solve an answer in the first 30 seconds of play, your score for the word is multiplied by 5.
The Hint button will deduct 15 points (times the multiplier).

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Tap the HINT button if you are stuck. Buttons will re-arrange themselves when solving clues to save space on smaller devices. After solving the puzzle, use the calendar button to select another daily jumble game for this month from the archive. Continue to the next Daily Jumble October 13 2018 Answers.