7 Words Puzzle Answers

By | April 21, 2016

7 Words Puzzle Answers with a lot of packs that you can solve from waves, cottages, pastels, apple pie, catterpillars, kayaks, gadgets, popcorn, bubble gum, animal crackers, armadillos, cookies, candies, almonds, mosaics, trumpets, hedgehogs, lollipops, bamboo, giraffes, noodles, squirrels, daisies, cherries, dinosaurs, panoramas, elephants umbrellas, parrots and cupcakes – combine letter groups using clues and solutions ! Your target is to figure out the 7 words by deciphering clues and combing letter groups
7 Words Puzzle game app by DADA LI available on ios iPhone, iPad and Android devices

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7 Words Puzzle Level 1 Answers : clues – solutions
bus” that can cross the ocean 8 letters : COLUMBUS
Japanese dress 6 letters : KIMONO
Red fruit 5 letters : APPLE
Rock star Michael 7 letters : JACKSON
Starbucks. for example 9 letters : CAFETERIA
Italian dessert 8 letters : TIRAMISU
the “M’ in MTV 5 letters : MUSIC

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How to play 7 words puzzle ?
7 clues vs solutions answer them in any order
click letter group once to enter the selected letters
click letter group twice to undo the selected letters
turn to tools hint when stuck
to unlock the next pack you must have solved all the puzzles and unlocked all previous packs