1 Pic 10 Words Level 16 Answers

By | June 22, 2014

Solution for 1 Pic 10 Words Level 16 Answers to help you find the object words by solving the riddle question from the picture. Compete with friends to earn 3 stars for every stage ! explore fascinating places and locations on each levels.
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1 pic 10 words level 16 cheats
1/8 Gift for the body – Massage
2/8 There are many of them – Candles
3/8 May be medicinal and intoxicating – Herbs
4/8 Soft – Towel
5/8 Made of wood – Tray
6/8 There are eight of them – Hands
7/8 It’s thin- Bracelet
8/8 Smells tasty, but shouldn’t be drunk – Oil


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