Famous Faces Hollywood Edition Level 41 – 60 Answers

By | March 2, 2015

Walkthrough for Famous Faces Hollywood Edition Level 41 – 60 Answers with picture solution for every question explanation to choose the correct answer from the Multiple-Choice Movie Star Mania. You can see all Hollywood’s most Famous Faces character from the movies in cartoon shape with missing faces, read the puzzle question and pick the correct answers !
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famous faces hollywood edition cheats
Level 41 : MICHAEL CERA in scott pilgrim vs the world
Level 42 : brittany murphy in KING OF HILL
Level 43 : robert downey jr was in iron man with GWYNETH PALTROW
Level 44 : UMA THURMAN in pulp fiction
Level 45 : ZACH GALIFIANAKIS in due date

Level 46 : 2014 zoe saldana in guardians of the galaxy
Level 47 : HUGH JACKMAN in x-men
Level 48 : MIKE MYERS in shrek
Level 49 : bill murray in THE LIFE AQUATIC
Level 50 : KRISTEN STEWART in twilight


Level 51 : JOSH BROLIN in no country for old men
Level 52 : CHRIS EVANS in captain america
Level 53 : LIAM NEESON in the grey
Level 54 : OWEN WILSON in zoolander
Level 55 : EDWARD NORTON in fight club

Level 56 : KEIRA KNIGHTLEY in bend it like beckham
Level 57 : elijah wood was in the lord of the rings with VIGGO MOTENSEN
Level 58 : MORGAN FREEMAN in the shawshank redepmtion
Level 59 : BRITTANY MURPHY in girl, interupted
Level 60 : daniel craig was in casino royale and LAYER CAKE

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Multiple-Choice Movie Star Mania – Can you Guess who I Am? Can you recognize the most Famous Faces in Hollywood? If you love movies, you’re gonna love this game! Download Famous Faces and see if you can guess the most famous from the Hollywood Walk of Fame!
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