Wordmaster Answers

By | September 12, 2015

Guide for Wordmaster Answers Cheats Solutions Guide – In wordmaster, you need to find hidden words in a grid puzzle box. To build a word, you need to swipe your finger across each letter in any direction. Find specific hidden word to solve the puzzle. Use the answer box to guide you count the letters. The order to solve the puzzle word can be slightly different in each level. If you can’t get further, tap on the restart button!
Wordmaster. By Alegrium on ios iphone, ipad and android device

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Wordmaster Level 1 Answers :
Level 1-1 : Bank
Level 1-2 : Snow
Level 1-3 : Gold
Level 1-4 : Rice
Level 1-5 : Chin
Level 1-6 : Talk
Level 1-7 : Like
Level 1-8 : Coal
Level 1-9 : Soul
Level 1-10 : Love

Solve hundreds of challenging word puzzles by arranging the correct sequence of letters.
Play together with family and friends. Learn new words and spellings, and become the ultimate wordsmith.

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