WordBrain Dinosaur Answers

By | December 1, 2015

Guide for WordBrain Dinosaur Answers – Guess the specific words to find from the grid puzzle with size : 8×8 ! There are some words you need to find from 20 level of dinosaur level pack.
WordBrain puzzle game by Gaming on the tail AB on iphone and android device

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WordBrain Dinosaur Level Pack Cheats :
Wordbrain Dinosaur 1 : Pirate, Odd, Canoe, Fan, Earring, Dentist, Compass, Crown, Bed, Big, Porridge, Fist, Dog
Wordbrain Dinosaur 2 : Salt, Scale, Salute, Toilet, Faucet, Suitcase, Cyclops, Fish, Cookie, Kite, Melon, Pie
Wordbrain Dinosaur 3 : Horse, Soap, Log, Stairs, Pigsty, Broom, Wolf, Label, Feather, Doctor, Candle, Biscuit
Wordbrain Dinosaur 4 : Birthday, Multiply, Shin, Rope, Cow, Turtle, Wide, Bite, Boot, Sink, Chimney, Moth, Doll
Wordbrain Dinosaur 5 : Bomb, Umbrella, Piano, Balloon, Center, Monkey, Pipe, File, Mouth, Hammer, Book, Lemon
Wordbrain Dinosaur 6 : Paint, Surgery, Tin, Oval, Shoulder, Cane, Gap, Carrot, Chainsaw, Corner, Bedroom, Fly
Wordbrain Dinosaur 7 : Plate, Tree, Skull, Shallow, Haystack, Tug, Bolt, Banana, Pumpkin, Church, Sheep, Down
Wordbrain Dinosaur 8 : Golf, Pepper, Shower, Hen, Mailbox, Peach, Edge, Scarf, Whisper, Eyeball, Straw, Plane
Wordbrain Dinosaur 9 : Switch, Pencil, Rooster, Puzzle, Elbow, Moon, Planet, Bacon, Bald, Zipper, Fin, Eat, Sun
Wordbrain Dinosaur 10 : Talk, Mushroom, Sad, Square, Medal, Whistle, Dog, Fence, Thin, Whale, Crack, Glove, Glue
Wordbrain Dinosaur 11 : Root, Empty, Bathroom, Female, Thumb, Vitamin, Apple, Duck, Iron, Fang, Canoe, Corn, Ask
Wordbrain Dinosaur 12 : Comb, Male, Marble, Snail, Timber, Faucet, Goat, Jump, Meat, Fork, Tall, Left, Chin, Witch
Wordbrain Dinosaur 13 : Collar, Snowman, Profit, Pump, Sword, Trophy, Gloves, Drink, Rocket, Joker, Glass, Bed
Wordbrain Dinosaur 14 : Ask, Shovel, Saw, Cucumber, Stairs, Ladder, Napkin, Cake, Slippers, Window, Boot, Mast
Wordbrain Dinosaur 15 : Negative, Pen, Bell, Brush, Toaster, File, Broom, Eye, Kite, Cannon, Full, Patient, Tent
Wordbrain Dinosaur 16 : Sink, Shield, Cup, Upstairs, Trousers, Boots, Earring, Angle, Log, Toilet, Steak, Card
Wordbrain Dinosaur 17 : Aerial, Tomato, Mast, Record, Target, Skirt, Sausage, Blouse, Doorbell, Wing, Flower
Wordbrain Dinosaur 18 : Robot, Bat, Tie, Dart, Corner, Noose, Grapes, Teapot, Church, Melon, Bee, Sheriff, Fruit
Wordbrain Dinosaur 19 : Peace, Money, Puzzle, Board, Stern, Turtle, Butcher, Hook, Chimney, Box, Hatchet, Wink
Wordbrain Dinosaur 20 : Lava, Cat, Cork, Buckle, Japan, Question, Magnet, Arrow, Wolf, Coconut, Game, Wink, Cart

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In WordBrain your challenge is to find hidden words in a grid puzzle ! Find the hidden words, slide your finger over them, see the puzzle collapse. Do it all in the correct way and order and you will be able to clear the grid.
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