Word Crush Variety Science Inventions Answers

By | June 12, 2016

Word Crush Variety Science Inventions Answers All Levels Solutions on words crush variety science with size 5×5 tiles so you can find hidden words on each package levels that you stuck ! Swipe your finger across each letter block to make a word ! The game will get harder, so if you’re stuck then these hints will become useful.
Words Crush: Hidden Words! By BitMango on iphone and android device

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Words Crush Variety Science Inventions Cheats
4 letters : bulb
6 letters : zipper
9 letters : telephone
6 letters : camera


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Just swipe to crush the words up, down, left, right or diagonally.. in any direction ! Try to find specific words. The answers in each level are related so check the length of the words below the puzzle. Sometime you need to solve the puzzle in the right order. If you can’t connect the letters, tap undo or reset.
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