Troll World Complete Walkthrough

By | April 27, 2022

Guide for Troll World Complete Walkthrough is here ! solve the troll’s world meme adventure if you got stuck and need help how to pass the level here =) Are you the brainiest player of all time? Troll your way around this wacky world and find out!
Troll World: Meme Adventure by ABI Global Publishing on iOS / Android

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Join Troll on his wacky quest to solve all the trickiest riddles ever! His meme adventure is filled with dangers and troubles that you need to master your skills to outsmart the sneakiest bad guys, pass enraging obstacles and leave no mind-bending puzzles unsolved.

Troll’s World Walkthrough

Troll World Level 1 : Open The Door
go to the flag

Troll World Level 2 : Into The Cloud
go to the cloud to reveal hidden steps

Troll World Level 3 : Break 1-2-3
break the block 1, 2, 3 in order

Troll World Level 4 : Surprise
watch out for the red monster suddenly pop out near the right grass near flag

Troll World Level 5 : To the End
go to the end of the screen to finish, there’s no flag in this stage

Troll World Level 6 : Leap of faith
fall down and you will be drop from the top, go to the flag

Troll World Level 7 : Sun go Down and Moon go Up
go to the sun to bring it down, and you will see the moon with flag on it
go to the moon

Troll World Level 8 : Caution ! Watch your step
go to the 3rd and 6th block where you will be safe, the other will fall it you touch it

Troll World Level 9 : F-L-A-G
punch out F L A G block in order, then do it once more to make the flag pop out

Troll World Level 10 : Go This Way
go up to the “Go This Way” block as the floor path to the flag

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Challenge your brain with this ultimate pranking adventure and become a brain teaser master. If you think you have what it takes give it a try. Your intelligence and your reflexes will be tested with the MOVE and JUMP gameplay while using your mind for insane puzzles.
How many lives will you lose before clearing all the levels? There’s only one way to find out. There are a lot of troll traps placed where you wouldn’t expect. You will fail a lot, but finally clearing a level feels so good.