Spell n Link Level 27 Answers

By | October 8, 2016

Spell n Link Level 27 Answers to find and spell words by swiping letters ! Each word is a specific word, you must use the correct letters to complete all words. Use the words you find as clues, then spell the link that connects them to finish the puzzle blank.
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spell n link game level 27 cheats :
Spell N Link Level 27-1 : Elf Dwarf Goblin Troll Orc Golem Gnome Ogre – are Creatures of – Fantasy
Spell N Link Level 27-2 : Sphinx Harpy Dragon Unicorn Hydra Phoenix – are also creatures of – myth
Spell N Link Level 27-3 : Appeal Trial Warrant Plead Bail Objection – Terms youmay hear in a – Courtroom
Spell N Link Level 27-4 : Stressed Desserts Drawer Repaid Diaper – is the last one – reward
Spell N Link Level 27-5 : Pervert Confuse Twist Warp Scramble Slant – all mean to – garble
Spell N Link Level 27-6 : Carpet Luna Wax Puss Turnip Emperor Gypsy – are kinds of – moth
Spell N Link Level 27-7 : Hint Lead Pointer Tip Evidence Idea Signal – maybe I need one More – Clue
Spell N Link Level 27-8 : Wine Bacon BreadCheese Eggs Butter Cream – is the missing pair – Sugar
Spell N Link Level 27-9 : Unicorn Monocle Unicycle Unison Monogamy – there can be only – one
Spell N Link Level 27-10 : Comedy Drama Crime Romance Fantasy Action – are film – Genres

Spell N Link Level 27-11 : Two Duopoly Monopoly one Once first Second – is the missing pair – Twice
Spell N Link Level 27-12 : Trisect Tripod Triplets Tricycle Trinity – I Count – Three
Spell N Link Level 27-13 : Transmit Show Beam Relay Televise Stream – mean the same thing as – Broadcast
Spell N Link Level 27-14 : Expend Envelope Envelop Adverse Expand – is the missing pair – Averse
Spell N Link Level 27-15 : Privilege Right Autonomy License Freedom – What one has when one has – Liberty
Spell N Link Level 27-16 : Marines Detains Instead Claimed Remains – is the missing pair – Decimal
Spell N Link Level 27-17 : Voyage Airline Airport Airplane Cruise – makes me want to – Travel
Spell N Link Level 27-18 : Guide farmer Cook Baker Dentist Architect – we missed – Editor
Spell N Link Level 27-19 : Illusive Elusive Imminent Elicit Eminent – ____ is the missing pair – Illicit
Spell N Link Level 27-20 : Democracy Monarchy Oligarchy Theocracy – it’s about who – Rules

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remember that each puzzle has two parts, so solve the first one then find the clue on the 2nd part to answer the question !
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