Spell n Link Level 22 Answers

By | October 5, 2016

Spell n Link Level 22 Answers to find and spell words by swiping letters ! Each word is a specific word, you must use the correct letters to complete all words. Use the words you find as clues, then spell the link that connects them to finish the puzzle blank.
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spell n link game level 22 cheats :
Spell N Link Level 22-1 : Lure Reel Hook Tackle Rod Line Bait Sinker – Makes me think of – Fishing
Spell N Link Level 22-2 : Cast Mold Model Formula Label Pattern Tag – are ways to sea a person when we use a – Stereotype
Spell N Link Level 22-3 : Like Better Than Same Scales Less Stronger – can all be associated with – Comparing
Spell N Link Level 22-4 : Ghost Witch Werewolf Vampire Zombie Mummy – seen during ___ sort of – Halloween
Spell N Link Level 22-5 : Tart Rampart Wart Apart Braggart Stalwart – this puzzle ends things ___ fully – Art
Spell N Link Level 22-6 : Cruise Carpool Lane Speed Limit Control – makes me think of the – Highway
Spell N Link Level 22-7 : Echo Bravo Hotel Delta Alpha Golf Charlie – we missed – Foxtrot
Spell N Link Level 22-8 : Cacit These Feet Geese Lice Women Children – are – Plurals
Spell N Link Level 22-9 : Celery Spinach Lettuce Kale Cabbage Okra – eat your – Vegetables
Spell N Link Level 22-10 : Lily Daffodil Daisy Carnation Tupil Rose – another kind of flower that could also be a color is – Violet

Spell N Link Level 22-11 : Elephant Horse Goat Cat Bear Dog Alligator – we missed – Frog
Spell N Link Level 22-12 : Ring Knot Hoop Spiral Curl Circle Coil Turn – share the same meaning as – Loop
Spell N Link Level 22-13 : Bagel wheat French Croissant White pita – Kinds of – Bread
Spell N Link Level 22-14 : Chalk Crayon Ballpen Pencil Marker Quil – different instruments that can be used for – Writing
Spell N Link Level 22-15 : Duck Pork Chicken veal Venison Beef Turkey – Kinds of – Meat
Spell N Link Level 22-16 : Green Orange Indigo Blue Violet Yellow Red – Makes me think of a – Rainbow
Spell N Link Level 22-17 : Script Scene Stage Costumes Tragedy Exit – it’s a – Play
Spell N Link Level 22-18 : Bull Goose Giraffee cock Badger Pigeon Boar – is the missing pair – Gander
Spell N Link Level 22-19 : Phaser Robot Spaceship Android Teleport – makes me think about a possible – Future
Spell N Link Level 22-20 : Necklace Anklet Earring Pendant Bracelet – types of – Jewelry

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remember that each puzzle has two parts, so solve the first one then find the clue on the 2nd part to answer the question !
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