Party Game Level 31 – 40 Answers

By | February 12, 2015

Solutions for Party Game Level 31 – 40 Answers to help you guess what’s the word from the puzzle question of riddles, pic puzzles, rebuses, charades, word associations, jokes, trivia, word associations, word games and logic puzzles based on the scrambled letters that you can pick, if you stuck and out of coins to reveal the letters.
A Party Game: What’s the word? by Second Gear Games on iphone (itunes) and android (google play)

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Level 31 1/10 : SPONGE = i’m full of holes, yet i’m full of water. what am i?
Level 32 2/10 : PENNY = compensation for a mental effort
Level 33 3/10 : BLACK SHEEP = sheep
Level 34 4/10 : NOON = what word is the same written forward, backward and upside down?
Level 35 5/10 : SHEEP = subject of bedtime math
Level 36 6/10 : LIGHTHOUSE = scale with house man on the balance
Level 37 7/10 : SILENCE = say my name and i disappear. what am i?
Level 38 8/10 : CURIOSITY = the cause of feline tragic demise
Level 39 9/10 : ANCHOR = what do you throw out to use and take in when you’re done
Level 40 10/10 : MARBLES = what do you lose when you lose your mind?


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