Logic Puzzles Daily Challenge June 9 2023, Coral Triangle Day

By | June 8, 2023

Today Logic Puzzles Daily Challenge June 9 2023, Coral Triangle Day ! On this day, Daniel and his friends landed in Indonesia to go coral reef diving and take tons of beautiful photos to remember their trip. Who photographed which kind of coral, and what fish did they see while they were down there ? Welcome to Daily Challenges ! Complete daily challenges every day and win gold stars ! Collect all stars for a given month and win a unique monthly trophy ! Here’s the answer for today logic puzzles daily challenge :
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Logic Puzzles Daily Challenge Clues :
1. The person who snapped photos of gorgonian coral also saw an anthias fish
2. The photographer who snapped fire coral didn’t see a single clownfish
3. Whoever captured calcareous coral also saw a tang fish
4. Between Daniel and the friend who photographed sarcophyton coral, one of them spotted a clownfish, and the other saw a cardinal
5. Thomas neither took photos of gorgonian coral nor did he lay eyes on any tang fish
6. Mason didn’t photograph calcareous coral

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A puzzle is solved by making conclusions based on clues. Use the clues to put your tick in the table ! The clue helps us rule out incorrect options. Switch the toggle and place two crosses ! Place the correct ticks, and finish the puzzle ! Now continue to logic puzzles daily challenge june 8 2023