Iconic Level 20 Answers

By | September 20, 2014

Cheat of Iconic Level 20 Answers to guide you solve the picture code and combined symbol icon that have category of Movie, Music, and People. Search the explanation or see the image solution to find your puzzle question and pick the correct letters into the word answer.
Iconic – Guess The Name From Picture Icons By Flow Studio a.s. on itunes for iphone and google play for android

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iconic level 20 cheats :
iconic level 20-1 music music player : hooverphonic
iconic level 20-2 movie fire water wind earth : the fifth element
iconic level 20-3 movie 2 ants : antz
iconic level 20-4 movie 7 bars : seven
iconic level 20-5 movie clown wit knife arrow back : the dark knight returns


iconic level 20-6 movie man fall from cloud : skyfall
iconic level 20-7 movie girl male symbol : Cinderella man
iconic level 20-8 movie eye nose tongue ear finger ? : the sixth sense
iconic level 20-9 movie sun crying : tears of the sun
iconic level 20-10 the end congratulation

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Iconic is all about clear icons and beautiful, minimalistic design. Nothing stands between fun puzzles and your amazing trivia-solving skills 🙂
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