94% Level 10 Answers

By | February 25, 2015

Game guide for 94% Level 10 Answers – On this 94 percent level we have question of 94% things that go around, string instruments, handshake picture. What other people would say to these question ? can’t figure out some of the 94% answer ? don’t worry we have them listed here so you can complete it and earn 3 stars for each level of this trivia game !
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If you’re having difficulties finding the correct level, then search for the question or picture description that you have to easily match the level answer.

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94% things that go around
32% earth
24% merry go round
16% wheel
11% ball
7% roundabout
4% clock

94% string instruments
38% violin
25% guitar
12% cello
11% harp
6% bass
2% piano

94% 2 hands shaking picture
33% handshake
27% deal
26% business
8% meeting

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The goal of 94% game is to find the top 94 percent of the given answers to a specific question, Can you guess 94% what’s the word ? back to all levels of 94% answers list