22 Clues Level 25 Answers

By | June 7, 2016

Solutions for 22 Clues Level 25 Answers to find words from 10 picture clue, 10 questions, and 2 famous quotes ! Connect some separate letters circle into the correct word and if you’re stuck and can’t figure out what’s the word then use all 22 clues answer below !
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22 Clues Level 25 Cheats :
picture answers :
word 1 : Fox
word 2 : Sunny
word 3 : Kite Surfing
word 4 : Flames
word 5 : Goats
word 6 : Loaf
word 7 : Library
word 8 : Flock
word 9 : Landscape
word 10 : Sesame

question answers :
Hanging seat = Swing
Rupture in the earth’s crust = Volcano
Works with wood = Carpenter
A solid dairy product = Butter
It can be found in a theater = Curtains
A valve controlling the release of a liquid = Faucet
A wheeled vehicle for people = Carriage
Air in and out of the lungs = Breath
Providing passage over the obstacle = Bridge
A piece of cutlery = Fork

famous quotes answers :
When hungry,eat your rice; when tired,close your eyes. Fools may laught at me, but wise men will know what i mean.
Before I got married I had six theories about bringing up children, now i have six children and no theories.

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