101 Little Riddles Level 71 – 80 Answers

By | March 25, 2014

Cheat for 101 Little Riddles Answers Level 71 – 80 a puzzle quiz game to guess the riddle words from the sentences, and if you’re stuck on these tricky little riddle then you will find all the solutions here.
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101 Little Riddles Level 71 : Pig – 3 letters
This Animal Is Pink With A Curly Tail. He Makes Tasty Bbq Sandwiches!

101 Little Riddles Level 72 : Clock – 5 letters
What Has Hands But Can Not Clap?

101 Little Riddles Level 73 : Whip – 4 letters
Indiana Jones Trusted Weapon

101 Little Riddles Level 74 : Buck – 4 letters
Both A Currency And A Male Deer.

101 Little Riddles Level 75 : Tissue – 6 letters
Throw Me Off The Highest Building, And I Shall Not Break, But Toss Me In The Smallest Pool, And My Life’s At Stake. What Am I?


101 Little Riddles Level 76 : Treat – 5 letters
A Tasty Reward Given To Well Behaved Dogs And Kids

101 Little Riddles Level 77 : Charcoal – 8 letters
What Is Black When You Buy It, Red When You Use It, And Gray When You Throw It Away?

101 Little Riddles Level 78 : Bookkeeper – 10 letters
What English Word Has Three Consecutive Double Letters?

101 Little Riddles Level 79 : Mount Everest – 12 letters
Before Mount Everest Was Discovered, What Was The Tallest Mountain In The World?

101 Little Riddles Level 80 : Hole – 4 letters
I Am Invisible, Weigh Nothing, And If You Put Me In A Barrel, It Will Become Lighter. What Am I?

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Playing 101 Little Riddles is simple! You will be presented with a short sentence or phrase which is a riddle describing some noun – a person, place or thing! All you have to do is figure it out! Some of our little riddles are tricky and some are easy, can you guess them all?