101 Little Riddles Level 51 – 60 Answers

By | March 25, 2014

Walkthrough for 101 Little Riddles Answers Level 51 – 60 a puzzle quiz game to guess the riddle words from the sentences, and if you’re stuck on these tricky little riddle then you will find all the solutions here.
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101 Little Riddles Level 51 : Beetle – 6 letters
It Is An Insect, And The First Part Of Its Name Is The Name Of Another Insect. What Is It?

101 Little Riddles Level 52 : Time – 4 letters
What flies without wings?

101 Little Riddles Level 53 : Aloha – 5 letters
A salutation from the Hawaiian islands

101 Little Riddles Level 54 : Hairy – 5 letters
If Someone Calls You This, It Might Be Time To Consider Hot Wax

101 Little Riddles Level 55 : Corner – 6 letters
Bad Children Often Find Themselves Sitting In These


101 Little Riddles Level 56 : River – 5 letters
What always runs but never walks, often murmurs, never talks, has a bed but never sleeps, has a mouth but never eats?

101 Little Riddles Level 57 : Footsteps – 9 letters
The More You Take Of Me, The More You Leave Behind. What Am I?

101 Little Riddles Level 58 : Sand – 4 letters
I Can Tear Down Mountains, Or Build Them Up. I Can Blind A Man, Or Enable Him To See. What Am I?

101 Little Riddles Level 59 : Rain – 4 letters
What comes down but never goes up?

101 Little Riddles Level 60 : Ears – 4 letters
Mike Tyson’s favorite treats

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Playing 101 Little Riddles is simple! You will be presented with a short sentence or phrase which is a riddle describing some noun – a person, place or thing! All you have to do is figure it out! Some of our little riddles are tricky and some are easy, can you guess them all?