101 Little Riddles Level 181 – 190 Answers

By | April 17, 2014

Cheats for 101 Little Riddles Answers Level 181 – 190 a puzzle quiz game to guess the riddle words from the sentences, and if you’re stuck on these tricky little riddle then you will find all the cheat here.
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101 Little Riddles Level 181 : TOM – 3 letters
Tom’s Father Has Five Children. Their Names Are John, Bill, Mary, And Sally. Who Is His Fifth Child?

101 Little Riddles Level 182 : TEDDY BEAR – 9 letters 2 words
Soft And Cuddling I’ll Pull On Your Heart. Take My Last Name And I’ll Tear You Apart.

101 Little Riddles Level 183 : ALARM CLOCK – 10 letters 2 words
Every Night I’m Told What To Do, And Each Morning I Do What I’m Told. But I Still Don’t Escape Your Scold.

101 Little Riddles Level 184 : CHESS – 5 letters
30 Men And Only 2 Women That Hold The Most Power. Dressed In Black And White, They Could Fight For Hours.

101 Little Riddles Level 185 : QUIT – 4 letters
Doing This With Your Job Can Be Risky But Doing It With Smoking Is Always A Good Idea.


101 Little Riddles Level 186 : YODA – 4 letters
Talks Like This, A Green Wise Man Does. Guess My Clue, You Will.

101 Little Riddles Level 187 : WOMB – 4 letters
Where Humans Breathe Liquid.

101 Little Riddles Level 188 : SKELETONS – 9 letters
Often Found In Doctor’s Offices And Pirate Flags.

101 Little Riddles Level 189 : PRESSURE – 8 letters
Diamonds And Stress Have This To Thank For Their Existence.

101 Little Riddles Level 190 : WALT DISNEY – 10 letters 2 words
The Father Of Mickey Mouse.

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Playing 101 Little Riddles is simple! You will be presented with a short sentence or phrase which is a riddle describing some noun – a person, place or thing! All you have to do is figure it out! Some of our little riddles are tricky and some are easy, can you guess them all?