101 Little Riddles Level 151 – 160 Answers

By | April 17, 2014

Solutions for 101 Little Riddles Answers Level 141 – 150 a puzzle quiz game to guess the riddle words from the sentences, and if you’re stuck on these tricky little riddle then you will find all the cheat here.
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101 Little Riddles Level 151 : QUEUE – 5 letters
I Am An English Word With Five Letters. If You Remove My Last Four I Am Still Pronounced The Same. What Am I?

101 Little Riddles Level 152 : DOUGHNUT – 8 letters
What Kind Of Nut Has A Hole?

101 Little Riddles Level 153 : ICE – 3 letters
What Can’t Be Burned In A Fire Nor Drowned In Water?

101 Little Riddles Level 154 : JOKE – 4 letters
It Can Be Cracked. It Can Be Made. It Can Be Told. It Can Be Played. What Is It?

101 Little Riddles Level 155 : VOWELS – 6 letters
We’re Five Little Items Of An Everyday Sort. You’ll Find Us All In A Tennis Court. What Are We?


101 Little Riddles Level 156 : CHAIR – 5 letters
What Has Arms And Legs, But No Head.

101 Little Riddles Level 157 : ENVELOPE – 8 letters
What Starts With E, Ends With E And Has One Letter In It?

101 Little Riddles Level 158 : PEA – 3 letters
I Am A Seed. Three Letters In The Name. Take Away Two And I Sound Quite The Same.

101 Little Riddles Level 159 : LAST NAME – 8 letters
What Does Every Man Have, Some Longer Or Shorter Than Others And They Give It To Their Wife When They Get Married?

101 Little Riddles Level 160 : POTATO – 6 letters
I Have No Ears, But More Than One Eye. Cut Me In Half, I Won’t Cry. Leave Me Alone And I Will Die.

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Playing 101 Little Riddles is simple! You will be presented with a short sentence or phrase which is a riddle describing some noun – a person, place or thing! All you have to do is figure it out! Some of our little riddles are tricky and some are easy, can you guess them all?