WordWhizzle Rabbit Answers Level 11 – 20

By | March 8, 2016

Help for WordWhizzle Rabbit Answers Level 11 – 20 – In Word Whizzle your challenge is to find hidden words on each level with specific theme that wall words in the level are associated with ! On your screen, swipe your finger across each letter to build a word : move up, down, left, right, or diagonally ! Every day you will get a new daily puzzle If you solve wordwhizzle daily puzzle, you will get a free hint !
Game Answer for WordWhizzle App by Apprope on android (google play) and iphone (itunes)

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Word Whizzle Rabbit Answers
Word Whizzle Level 11 : night sky = moon
Word Whizzle Level 12 : instrument = drum
Word Whizzle Level 13 : flower = rose
Word Whizzle Level 14 : precious metal = gold
Word Whizzle Level 15 : wild cat = lion
Word Whizzle Level 16 : tree = pine
Word Whizzle Level 17 : daytime sky = sun
Word Whizzle Level 18 : funny = joke
Word Whizzle Level 19 : fruit = kiwi
Word Whizzle Level 20 : nocturnal bird = owl

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Can you find the hidden words ? swipe letters to build words, look at the level theme for clue and you’ll find the words ! hundreds of levels with different themes ! back to all levels WordWhizzle Answers list