WordBrain Themes Guru Jewelry Answers

By | April 13, 2016

Game Cheats for WordBrain Themes Guru Jewelry Answers to find all words are related to this word brain theme with size 5×5 grid puzzle ! swipe wb themes answers in the correct letter order to solve the word so you won’t get stuck and progress increase your brain size to become a true word master.
Word Brain Themes puzzle game by MAG Interactive on iphone and android device

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WordBrain Themes Word Guru Jewelry
Jewelry Level 1 : Ring – Necklace – Tiara – Sapphire
Jewelry Level 2 : Diamond – Cufflink – Amulet – Jade
Jewelry Level 3 : Gold – Stone – Pendant – Medal – Ruby
Jewelry Level 4 : Silver – Platinum – Shiny – Brooch
Jewelry Level 5 : Amber – Bracelet – Earring – Charm

step by step how to solve word brain themes guru jewelry solution :

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From the creators of the world’s most popular word games WordBrain and Ruzzle comes WordBrain Themes! Find and swipe words to solve these fun and increasingly challenging puzzles. Every puzzle has a unique theme that all the words are connected to – just use your brain to figure it out.
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