Pic Combo Level 4 Answers

By | April 3, 2013

puzzle 60 – 105 walkthrough : pic combo level 4 answers
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Search the word of your 2 pictures for 2 different words into 1 correct answer in these number of cheats, combine them to pass the puzzle images question

tips for picture list :
pic combo level 4 6 letters
Bedbug : bed and blue bug
Campus : camp tent and cat
Bedlam : couple in bed and lamb meat
Boxcar : boxing gloves and car
Police : man jumping using pole and 3 ice block


pic combo level 4 7 letters
Storage : shopping trolley and old woman
Cowhand : cow and hand
Manhole : man in suit and golf hole
Carport : car and port
Barbell : prison hand behind prison bars and 223 bell
Soapbox : soap and dragon boxing
Artwork : child drawing and office meeting


pic combo level 4 8 letters
Bathrobe : bath tub and king robe
Footpath : ruler and road on green field
Teaspoon : tea pot and spoon with sugar
Landfall : eagle on snow and man fall
Rockstar : woman with guitar and red star
Plankton : wood planks and 1 ton
Watchdog : hand watch and dog footsteps
Handbook : hand and red book
Feedback : baby feeding and man back
Showcase : concert show and red suitcase


pic combo level 4 9 letters
Strongbox : body builder with weight and box
Raincheck : water drops and check
Dartboard : dart and board
Coastline : sea coast and 3d man line
Truckstop : truck and woman hand stop pose
Riverbank : river and coins in sack
Heartache : red heart and back pain
Hairbrush : woman with long air and toothbrush
Cardboard : man holding card and wooden board
Stopwatch : stop sign and woman watch
Bandwidth : band and man with measuring tape
Newspaper : tv news and papers
Piggybank : pigs and safe
Gatehouse : boy watching plane and house magnifying glass


pic combo level 4 10 letters
Skyscraper : sky and scraping snow
Brainstorm : brain and red umbrella
Homeschool : house key and children writing
Motherhood : mother with daughter and black hood
Campground : family camp and coffee beans


pic combo level 4 11 letters
Firecracker : gun and biscuit
Candlestick : candle and stick


pic combo level 4 12 letters
Breakthrough : woman breaking a cigarette and tunnel
Pictureframe : sun drawing with crayons and round frame
Steeplechase : tower and woman chasing a man

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  • Megan

    Thanks, this has really helped me! I love 4 pics 1 word and pic combo, they are two of my favorite apps but I get a bit annoyed when I don’t know the answer and I’m stuck on it for ages so thank you for putting this website up. It’s very easy to follow as you’ve put them in letter groups. Thanks once again and I’ll defenatley come back soon.