Party Game Level 51 – 60 Answers

By | February 12, 2015

Cheats for Party Game Level 51 – 60 Answers to help you guess what’s the word from the puzzle question of riddles, pic puzzles, rebuses, charades, word associations, jokes, trivia, word associations, word games and logic puzzles based on the scrambled letters that you can pick, if you stuck and out of coins to reveal the letters.
A Party Game: What’s the word? by Second Gear Games on iphone (itunes) and android (google play)

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Level 51 1/10 : CORNERS = what put of a building is usually cut to reduce cost?
Level 52 2/10 : FULL CIRCLE = circle
Level 53 3/10 : RULER = i am a king, but also a common device of measure what am i?
Level 54 4/10 : RUBICON = river in Italy that signifies a point of no return
Level 55 5/10 : FORGOTTEN = got got got got 10
Level 56 6/10 : WET = if you drop a yellow hat in the red sea what does it become?
Level 57 7/10 : DIME = price of 12 common things
Level 58 8/10 : TURNOVER = turn upside down
Level 59 9/10 : MAILBOX = what seven letter word can have hundreds of letters in it ?
Level 60 10/10 : FIZZLE = once referred to an act of producing quiet flatulence, now means a failure.


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