Party Game Level 121 – 130 Answers

By | February 13, 2015

Cheats for Party Game Level 121 – 130 Answers to guide you guess what’s the word from the puzzle question of riddles, pic puzzles, rebuses, charades, word associations, jokes, trivia, word associations, word games and logic puzzles based on the scrambled letters that you can pick, if you stuck and out of coins to reveal the letters.
A Party Game: What’s the word? by Second Gear Games on iphone (itunes) and android (google play)

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  • Level 121 1/10 : Background = DNUORG
  • Level 122 2/10 : Promise = what can you break, but not touch?
  • Level 123 3/10 : Clock = what has a face and two hands, but no arms or legs?
  • Level 124 4/10 : Teeth = what in your body is for free the first and the second time, but the third time you have pay for it?
  • Level 125 5/10 : Backlog = used to mean “the largest log in the fire”, now means “a surplus or reserve”
  • Level 126 6/10 : Behalf = B
  • Level 127 7/10 : Deck Of Cards = what is put on a table, cut, but never eaten?
  • Level 128 8/10 : Friday = the day before two days after the day before tomorrow is saturday. what day is it today?
  • Level 129 9/10 : Bible = david and goliath shared the same book a long time ago. what book was it?
  • Level 130 10/10 : Tooth = i have a crown, but i am neither king nor queen. who am i?


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