Munchiemania Level 16 Answers

By | July 16, 2014

Hint for Munchiemania Level 16 Answers a puzzle quiz help to guess the picture food logo and product from restaurant, pantry essentials, diet, drink, iconic food, ice cream, snack, syrup all around the world !
Munchie Mania app game solutions by Random Logic Games on facebook, Google Play for android and Conversion on iTunes for iphone, amazon Kindle Fire

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munchie mania level 16 answers
munchiemania level 16-1 : Toblerone
munchiemania level 16-1 : McMuffin
munchiemania level 16-1 : Chips Ahoy
munchiemania level 16-4 : Sun Maid Raisins
munchiemania level 16-5 : Perrier


munchiemania level 16-6 : Wheat Thins
munchiemania level 16-7 : Lucky Charms
munchiemania level 16-8 : Doritos
munchiemania level 16-9 : Krispy Kreme
munchiemania level 16-10 : Teddy Grahams

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Calling all Foodies! This app is sure to give you the munchies. Guess from many different foods, products, and logos.
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