Know Your Slang Answers

By | February 21, 2015

Cheats for Know Your Slang Answers Solutions Guide – Know Your Slang is a slang version of “Trivia Crack”! Guess the slang words, look at the most overused words, pop culture references and more category. “Know Your Slang” challenges your knowledge of pop culture references, from hit movies and TV shows to celebrities, and you guessed it…SLANG WORDS!
Know Your Slang – New Words by Ben Soohoo on iphone (itunes) and android (google play)

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know your slang cheats
level 1-1 : The device you are holding right now to play this game : iphone
level 1-2 : What you call a phone the size of a piece of toast : Phablet
level 1-3 : Company that makes shoes made famous by Michael Jordan : Nike
level 1-4 : The superthin flip phone everyone wanted back in 2004 : RAZR
level 1-5 : ______ quality: Used to describe low quality photos or videos : Potato
level 1-6 : This device is known as the “idiot box” : TV
level 1-7 : 8 The worst operating system since Windows Vista : Windows
level 1-8 : S Tesla ______: Possibly the most expensive electric car on the planet : Model
level 1-9 : A fancy word for a remote controlled (RC) toy that flies : Drone
level 1-10 : Sunglasses brand that popularized the Aviatars and Wayfarers : Rayban
level 1-11 : This annoying thing adds a glare to your screen : Sunlight
level 1-12 : One who constantly talks to his Google Glass, ignoring everything else : Glasshole
level 1-13 : Denim pants that never go out of style : Jeans
level 1-14 : Pants Extremely tight sweatpants rarely used for the purpose of yoga : Yoga
level 1-15 : Tool women use as a form of false advertisement : Makeup
level 1-16 : Apple _____: Fashion wear that costs $$$ and will become obsolete in a year : Watch
level 1-17 : This cleaning agent is a quick and easy way to do laundry : Febreeze
level 1-18 : Tiny headphones used to avoid talking to people on the bus : Earbuds
level 1-19 : Waterproof camera you use to record yourself doing cool stuff : Gopro
level 1-20 : ______ Dial: When a person’s phone accidentally calls someone : Pocket


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