Icomania Level 9 Answers

By | March 18, 2013

Puzzle 270 – 400 Solutions : Icomania Level 9 Answers
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look for the words of your images with these number of walkthrough and colors to find your iconmania answer picture from 14 random letters

my icons – play list :
puzzle 270. character : al bundy – white guy, short curly brown hair, white shirt with a “no women” sign on the chest, flies around his head
puzzle 271. famous people : george w bush – old man with grey hair and USA flag
puzzle 272. tv & movies : transformers – mask with 2 eyes
puzzle 273. brand : lufthansa – blue bird on yellow circle with a blue frame
puzzle 274. tv & movies : monsters inc – blue M with eye in the middle
puzzle 275. tv & movies : ted – teddy bear
puzzle 276. character : woody – toy with red scarf, sheriff star on the chest, yellow jacket
puzzle 277. brand : philips – blue HIL letters on white background
puzzle 278. brand : bridgestone – red triangle, white 1 or A and black B shape
puzzle 279. famous people : jamie foxx – smiling black man with short black Hair wearing black shirt
puzzle 280. tv & movies : iron man – robot in yellow and red border on city outline in blue background

puzzle 281. city : seoul – eiffel tower and tv tower
puzzle 282. tv & movies : scrubs – x-ray image of ribs and spine on black background
puzzle 283. famous people : tiger woods – black man with black cap and white characters on it, black shirt, golf club on the shoulder
puzzle 284. character : sid – sloth animal with two teeth, a giant purple nose and eyes
puzzle 285. character : ernie – black hair and red dot as nose / eye, orange head and yellow on bottom
puzzle 286. famous people : julia roberts – smiling woman, red lips, long brown hair with black top
puzzle 287. famous people : jennifer lopez – woman with plump ass and mic in hand on blue background
puzzle 288. tv & movies : NCIS – woman with black hair, two braids, black dress and boots, over coat, necklace
puzzle 289. country : turkey – building with many domes and a golden lace top
puzzle 290. tv & movies : madagascar – yellow eyes, white ears with crown and green feathers

puzzle 291. character : winnie the pooh – yellow bear with red sweater, two bees
puzzle 292. tv & movies : inception – gray color with top that draws a spiral on brown background
puzzle 293. famous people : robbie williams – man with hair up, thick eyebrows, wrinkles, blue jacket on light blue background
puzzle 294. country : south africa – 2 rhino on meadow and mountain forest on blue background
puzzle 295. country : russia – little girl with pots and red star on forehead
puzzle 296. famous people : timberlake – smiling man with brown hat and black stripes on it, beard, black jacket
puzzle 297. famous people : bruce willis – man with gray hair and a pistol in his hand, scar on left head
puzzle 298. character : wolverine – man with claw, brown beard and hair
puzzle 299. character : thor – man with blonde long hair, hammer in an armor
puzzle 300. brand : TNT – orange N with circle orange pattern with letters

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puzzle 301. tv & movies : kung fu panda – panda
puzzle 302. character : snow white – princess with black hair and blue dress on forest and red needles background
puzzle 303. tv & movies : cars – smiling red character with blue eye
puzzle 304. brand : diesel – white text DIES on red background
puzzle 305. famous people : robert de niro – old man with a red dot under the eye
puzzle 306. brand : vans – black V A on white background
puzzle 307. tv & movies : UP – a lot of colorful balloons on blue sky
puzzle 308. brand : NBC – colorful triangle in yellow, orange, purple, blue and green on white background
puzzle 309. brand : deutsche bank – blue lines at the top and left
puzzle 400. country : chile – easter island shape with red, white, blue background

  • Ashlynn

    I didn’t find my icon that I have been searching for. I am on level 27 and it is not the same as what you have.