Puzzle 165 – 192 Cheats : Icomania Level 6 Answers
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answer the words of your images with these number of walkthrough and colors to find your icomania solution picture from 14 random letters

my icons – play :
puzzle 165. famous people : hawking – man with glasses brown hair purple dress on chair
puzzle 166. character : neo – man in black dress and glasses with hand stop pose on green background
puzzle 167. country : cuba – black hair with red star smoking
puzzle 168. character : ken – man face with brown hair and blue scarf on pink / purple background
puzzle 169. famous people : mel gibson – man with black hair and some gray hair wearing blue shirt on grey background
puzzle 170. famous people : dicaprio – man in suit with goatee beard moustache and brown hair

puzzle 171. famous people : cleopatra – woman / girl with egyptian dress style
puzzle 172. famous people : schwarz-enegger – smiling man with missing middle tooth on blue background
puzzle 173. famous people : paris hilton – blonde girl in blue clothes with purple headband and there’s a dog on bag on gray background
puzzle 174. brand : quick-silver : black wave and mountain with some rectangle at bottom on white background
puzzle 175. brand : green-peace : 3 green arrow and stickman in middle on white background
puzzle 176. tv & movies : million-aire – white circle in the middle of green oval orbit in purple circle on blue background
puzzle 177. brand : mgm – lion inside yellow circle on black background
puzzle 178. brand : kelloggs – red K
puzzle 179. tv & movies : sex and the city – high heel shoes in pink color on black city / town background
puzzle 180. brand : lambor-ghini – yellow bull inside a triangle shape on black background

puzzle 181. brand : kraft – blue rectangle and on top & bottom there’s a red line on white background
puzzle 182. character : herbie – white circle with number 53 and red white blue color on vertical stripes
puzzle 183. brand : honda – silver H on red background
puzzle 184. famous people – hulk hogan – a long moustache with orange headband and yellow shirt
puzzle 185. country : spain – bullfighter, man with black hat and red suit and cape
puzzle 186. brand : hard rock cafe – red HR in yellow circle
puzzle 187. brand : mitsu-bishi – 3 red diamond on white background
puzzle 188. character : ron – orange hair, red scarf with yellow stripes and black coat
puzzle 189. brand : reebock – blue ee and red shape on white background
puzzle 190. brand : harley davidson – orange badge shield with black line on gray background

puzzle 191. famous people : muhammad ali – man with black hair and boxing gloves
puzzle 192. tv & movies : toy story – shoe print with word andy on brown background color

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