Guess The Emoji Level 62 Answers

By | March 22, 2014

Tips for Guess The Emoji Level 62 Answers your cheats to solve what is the emoji pop combination word from the emoji images ? try to ask facebook or use hint, you can use hints like : expose a letter, remove letters and solve this question. But if you’re out of coins then find your emoji words solution below
Guess The Emoji – Emoji Pops by Random Logic Games / Conversion, LLC on facebook, amazon kindle, iphone and android device

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Guess The Emoji Level 62
Level 62-1: Pretty Woman = emoji picture : nail polish lipstick shoe heels woman
Level 62-2: Foul Play = emoji picture : penguin bird chick game controller
Level 62-3: British Pound = emoji picture : uk flag money
Level 62-4: Rainbow = emoji picture : umbrella and bow
Level 62-5: Justin Bieber = emoji picture : boy sing microphone baby


Level 62-6: Flappy Bird = emoji picture : finger up smartphone bird
Level 62-7: Touchdown = emoji picture : american football down arrow
Level 62-8: Adele = emoji picture : woman sing microphone sun down arrow
Level 62-9: Star Wrench = emoji picture : star and wrench
Level 62-10: Home Sick = emoji picture : house and sick

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The new levels have been published on Facebook. However, there is currently only 60 levels on Mobile. The new levels are being added soon. They have to undergo an approval process set forth by the mobile companies. It should be soon though! back to guess the emoji answers list