Guess The 80s Level 33 Answers

By | April 7, 2014

Clue for Guess The 80s Level 33 Answers to guide you find the correct words from 1980’s era through random photo category that have 10 nivel on each niveau cheats. Search the following image help by counting how many letters and words you have for the puzzle pics.
This time it’s for you 80’s kids! the 1980s, what a wonderful time to grow up! guess the 80’s solution puzzle quiz game by Conversion on iTunes for iphone and Random Logic Games on Google Play for android and facebook

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guess the 80’s level 33
Level 33-1 : Broadcast News – 80s Movies
Level 33-2 : They Live – 80s Movies
Level 33-3 : Sonic Youth – 80s Music
Level 33-4 : Neon – 80s Fashion Trends
Level 33-5 : Joe Montana – 80s Athlete


Level 33-6 : Micro Machines – 80s Toys
Level 33-7 : Maserati Biturbo – 80s Automotive
Level 33-8 : Parachute Pants – 80s Fashion Trends
Level 33-9 : The Smiths – 80s Music
Level 33-10 : Pablo Morales – 80s Athlete

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