Famous Faces Hollywood Edition Level 21 – 40 Answers

By | March 1, 2015

Guide for Famous Faces Hollywood Edition Level 21 – 40 Answers with picture solution for every question explanation to choose the correct answer from the Multiple-Choice Movie Star Mania. You can see all Hollywood’s most Famous Faces character from the movies in cartoon shape with missing faces, read the puzzle question and pick the correct answers !
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Level 21 : will ferrell was in anchor man with STEVE CARELL
Level 22 : ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER in conan the barbarian
Level 23 : OWEN WILSON in cars
Level 24 : JOHN CUSACK in say anything
Level 25 : 2001 ben stiler in zoolander

Level 26 : 2000 tom hanks in cast away
Level 27 : ROBIN WILLIAMS in patch adams
Level 28 : ANTONIO BANDERAS in puss in boots
Level 29 : MACAULAY CULKIN in home alone
Level 30 : cameron diaz was in there’s something about mary and CHARLIE’S ANGELS


Level 31 : NICHOLAS CAGE in the wicker man
Level 32 : 1986 chevy chase in three amigos
Level 33 : natalie portman was in black swan and THE PROFESSIONAL
Level 34 : DUSTIN HOFFMAN in rain man
Level 35 : KRISTEN STEWART in the runaways

Level 36 : 2008 heath ledger in the dark knight
Level 37 : GLENN CLOSE in 101 dalmations
Level 38 : TIM ALLEN in toy story
Level 39 : CATE BLANCHETT in elizabeth
Level 40 : sean connery in the hunt for red october with ALEC BALDWIN

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Multiple-Choice Movie Star Mania – Can you Guess who I Am? Can you recognize the most Famous Faces in Hollywood? If you love movies, you’re gonna love this game! Download Famous Faces and see if you can guess the most famous from the Hollywood Walk of Fame!
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